Naturelle Health is a beauty and health supplement line that includes skin and hair products.

Team Members:

Amaline Bassetti: branding designer, print production manager, developer, and social media account administrator.

Tim Leary: managing partner, supplement formulation, marketing strategist.

Sean Hogan: part-time vendor manager/accountant, vetted the manufacturers, set up contracts.

Caiti Inc: Amazon account brand manager, compliance maintenance with Amazon rules and regulations; customer service.


Work Scope

Design & Development

Logo Creation, Color Scheme, & Typography

Slogan, & imagery facing the target audience

Label & Dieline creation, vendor coordinator and ongoing project management

3D product mock ups, product photography, and all ad creatives

Website and amazon storefront development

Social media post content and creatives for facebook, youtube videos

Work Scope

Project Details

15 Products

Products were color coded and given a title “badge” shape background to designate their category.

Metallic Effect DESIGN

Metallic shine details were given to the logo and incorporated into the top and bottom color ribbons of the label and around the title “badge”.

Various Shaped Containers

The label design was adjusted proportionately to the different size containers of the products for consistent branding. 


 The lifestyle imagery showcased on the product page galleries and in the Amazon storefront reflect the casual and graceful life/work balance brand of Naturelle Health. 

Product Mockups & Photography

Front and back product label details are showcased on 3D product mockup images of all products. Customer images with products were incorporated into some imagery. I conducted product photo shoots and image editing.


Products became top sellers on Amazon with no marketing. Short product videos were created and used on social media and Amazon product pages. 

Brand Audience

Return of the Divine Feminine

The focus of the products in this line are for women (with inclusiveness to men) and all people who live busy lives on the go. Working moms and others who want to make sure they are getting what they need even though they can’t devote a lot of time making health a number one priority. Our audience does what it can to eliminate toxins in their life by being their natural selves without artificial enhancements to their appearance.

Maternity supplements

Specialty formulated supplements for Prenatal Support, Lactation, and Post Natal Vitamins.


A line that focuses on nourishing and vitalizing the body without artificial chemicals and harmful substances.

This gallery shows lifestyle imagery reflecting our audience alongside of the products.

Our slogan, “We make it easy to get healthy.” encapsulates the vision of bringing health and nutrition to people who want to maintain their health easily; creating a work/life balance.

YouTube Videos

Amaline Bassetti: Art Direction, Visual Elements, & Music (on the product showcase video and all individual product videos).

Andrew Hostetler: Script Writing, Voiceover Edit, Art Direction and Production (on Sport Matcha in-debth video).

Anna Carmela Samonte: Video Editor, Adobe Premeire Pro.

Individual product videos mention a quick product benefit and are used on product listing pages on Amazon.


The gallery shows various post creatives.

Image Manipulation

Product Photography website screenshots.

Amazon storefront screenshots.


This supplement project left my hands on December 31, 2019. Links to social media, website, and Amazon storefronts may become inactive in the future.